3 things to look for when selecting your piping supplier

3 things to look for when selecting your piping supplier

How to choose the right supplier for your next project(s)

Supplier selection is an important process that sets the foundation for long-term B2B partnerships that contribute to the success of the business and project.
Selecting the right one in the vast ocean of suppliers can be challenging and time consuming, so we want to make it easier for you to get to the right supplier and save you time (and money).

Here are 3 things to look for when selecting your supplier that go beyond the product itself and set the standard for a successful relationship:

When selecting a supplier, market expertise and industry knowledge is crucial.
You want a supplier that knows what you are taking about and can help you navigate through the thick and thin of the market waves.
A proven track record and references will assure your supplier is knowledgeable, experienced and will give you an advantage in terms of time and cost management.
Steeltrade holds over 40 years of experience with major EPC contractors supplying our products consistently worldwide. Our clients come back to us and rely on our products because we know what they need and how they need it.

The lowest price isn’t always the best value. Quality is the condition you want to look for when searching for a supplier, and it needs to be consistent and reliable.
Steeltrade sources the best products and, within our group of companies, we can provide state-of-the-art manufactured products at the highest standards that exceed our clients requests.
A high quality products means longer service life and less maintenance costs over time.

What sets this supplier apart from others?
This is the question all procurement managers ask when looking for the right supplier.
Services that add value to the product is what builds the foundation for a long lasting relationship.
Clear communication, adherence to contractual time frames, document traceability is what gives you the peace of mind during your procurement process. Having a supplier that is there for you all steps of the way and that you can trust guarantees a successful outcome.
At Steeltrade, our clients success is our success and our added services provide our clients with the value they need to bring their projects to completion without hassle.
With in-house engineering and technical experts we are capable of satisfying our clients most demanding requests without the need for them to look any further.

3 things to look for when selecting your piping supplier - Steeltrade