Steeltrade Gaskets and Bolts

    We supply different types of gaskets: spiral, ovals, octagons shaped and made by a wide range of materials.

    ProductsDimensionsModels and Materials
    GasketsANSI B16.20Spiral, Ovals, octagons shaped and Metal Jacked.
    Synthetics, PTFE, ceramic, lead, bronze, copper, steel, carbon, soft iron, titanium, austenitic steel for urea application, special steels, nickel, monel, etc.
    Warm Galvanized, Teflon coated.
    ProductsDimensionsModels and Materials
    Nuts & boltsANSI B16.5 / ANSI B18.2.2Raw, Warm Galvanized, Teflon coated.
    Gaskets and Bolts -1 Gaskets and Bolts-2 Gaskets and Bolts-tablet-port Gaskets and Bolts-tablet-land