Steeltrade 254SMO reliability for Scrubbers

Steeltrade 254SMO reliability for Scrubbers

Sailing vessels worldwide have been turning to Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems (or scrubbers) in order to comply with international regulations and to cope with the increasing cost of fuel.

According to DNV (Det Norske Veritas) there are currently more than 4,000 vessels fitted with scrubbers in operation and in order, mostly in the passengers and bulk carrier segments. Scrubber installation not only allows to comply with environmental legislation in effect, but also generates significant value for owners and operators of merchant ship vessels by reducing the cost of operation and by enabling the possibility to secure higher daily rates, ultimately leading to improvement in asset values.

Scrubbers are used in the shipping industry to treat exhaust gas stream in order to remove Sox, which are harmful to human health and to the environment.

Scrubbers fall into three main designs:

Open loop: SOx is removed by spraying the exhaust gas stream with salt water, inducing a chemical reaction that transforms the SOx into sulfites, a natural constituent of the world’s oceans which can then be safely released overboard after analysis and, if necessary, filtration.

Closed loop: SOx is removed by spraying the exhaust gas stream with a solution of fresh water and chemicals such as caustic soda, used in a closed circuit.

Hybrid: these systems can be used in either open- or closed-loop mode according to operational needs.

Scrubbers are built to operate under harsh conditions which require materials to withstand the aggressive corrosion environment created by untreated exhaust gas stream, in addition to resisting significant thermal shocks. Highest quality materials are therefore essential to guarantee reliability and longstanding service life.

For the scrubber body, 254 SMO is one of the most widely used grades because it is highly resistant to uniformed and localized corrosion. Standard 22Cr duplex stainless steel, ultra 654 SMO and 25Cr super duplex are also used for their corrosion resistance for body and scrubber inlet.

Material research, technical assistance and commercial considerations can be a challenge for production facilities who want to stay ahead of a market with increasing demand.

It is crucial for manufacturers to partner with a reliable supplier with the necessary technical expertise and industry knowledge, that can provide products with the best combination of quality, price, and delivery.

Steeltrade stands alongside marine scrubber manufacturers in the supply of high-grade material for the construction of exhaust gas cleaning systems worldwide.

With extensive market knowledge, in-house engineering, a full stock supply of 254SMO, and technical assistance, Steeltrade supports manufacturers in guaranteeing highest quality materials and project support in all stages of construction of Scrubber units.