Steeltrade and innovation

35 years Steeltrade
October 5, 2016
Steeltrade at Egyps 2018
February 5, 2018

Steeltrade and innovation

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Steeltrade manufactures and sells components to build plants used in the processing and distribution of oil, gas, water and water vapor.
The company, founded in 1981, was initially a trading company operating in an imperfect market situation in which the demand, consisting of engineering companies and end users, did not know the offer. The Italian producers of components, most of which were located in the Piacenza area, were almost unknown.

With the advent of internet and globalization, the context has changed deeply and with that also Steeltrade, which has acquired production facilities, focusing its attention on technological innovation, research and development.

Steeltrade has always tried to anticipate market developments, focusing in particular on the delocalisation of some low value-added products to areas such as China, and directly producing the most complex components, such as valves and special pieces, made specifically for each individual customer.

Steeltrade is today an integrated group of companies present in over sixty countries, which competes worldwide without ever losing its pivotal values: high product quality, flexibility and customer care.